back in the saddle

So, looking at the date of my last post, I’m astounded to see that it took me 2 years to recover from that doubt phase.

Well, maybe a year and then I decided to get back in the game, because I love writing, and it’s the journey that is beautiful not the end road.

So I joined an amazing course at the writersworkshop. It was the self-edit your novel class, run by the wonderful and amazingly talented Debi Alper. There I learn a lot, was hit with light bulbs moments, some great, so ego crashing, but it helped me so much. And last but not least I have found a group of amazingly suppportive and talented writers.

We have kept in touch after the course had finished. We still critique each other’s work. One of us has a novel out in march, which is so exciting!!

So if you’re like me, hit by doubt but still wanting to get going, all I can say is “find your heard”. That is find a class or a critic group with like minded and kind people. Who will offer you honest but not heart breaking feedback on your work. It’s not easy to find, true. But it is so important.

So go out there!! Make it happen. Only you, can.



Interview with Margaux Maillet

Today I’m lucky enough to speak with the joyously wonderful actress

Margaux Maillet

margaux maillet3[©M.Maillet2015]


Tell us a little about your training,

I grew up with Jacques Demi and Michel Legrand. It’s actually “les parapluies de Cherbourg” that gave me the desire to do musicals.I attented the Paris school for musicals just after my baccalaureate. I studied there for three years.I got lucky because just after I graduated the director of the school put up a musical “Hairspray” and offered me a role in it.Then I did Symphonia, in the Festival d’Avignon. It’s an eco musical, to help kids get aware of waste and recycling.Then I auditioned and got a part in Kids Manoir II. This was a bigger show and had a run for 6 months. I did two seasons with that show.Now I’m working on Raiponce. It’s the second season. We’re moving from the espace Cardin to a much bigger theatre, the Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin. It’s starting in October. Continue reading

eastern roots western branches

Today I’m talking to the wonderful author of Eastern Roots, Western Branches, Lucinda Nettleton

luci photo


Tell us a little bit about your stories and how you came to take part in that project?

The writing opportunity came through The Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University. Senior Lecturer Dr Amna Khan advertised for a writer to fictionalize oral histories of gift-giving traditions spanning three generations of Pakistan, Bengal and Gujarat. Initially, I only completed the Pakistani account but Dr Khan and the Gift of Togetherness team enjoyed my work so commissioned me to complete the Gujarati and Bengali accounts too. Continue reading

MMU Graduation

So in July 2015, I’ve graduated from MMU.

I could now put MA after my name, which would be very posh but no doubt really silly as well.

Unfortunately I could not attend the ceremony, because, hum, well I was taking the sun down in the South West of France.

But here’s some wonderful pictures of my fellow MA friends, or the Scoobie gang as we call ourselves. Plus you can see mine and Anna’s heads poking behind!!


MMU graduation.2MMU graduation


Now if I write this post, beside the fact that I feel quite proud to have got an MA with Merit, is that I want to talk a little about my friends.

They are, no doubt, writers that you’ll need to look out for in the near future.

Anna Mainwaring, Matt Killeen, Kim Hutson, Katy Simmonds , Paula Warrington, Alison Padley-Woods, Lucinda Nettleton.

There. keep those names in mind because not only they’re a bunch of truly talented writers, some got agents, another one got a publishing company interested in her novel, they’ve all got short stories published, but they’re also lovely people. Which doesn’t hurt to say.


the WoMentoring Project

Today browsing, more or less aimlessly the world wide web, I came upon this wonderful project.

In short, it’s a project where established women authors mentor other women authors. The catch is that the mentees are authors that could never have access to paid feedback and mentorship.

I love that project for many reasons. First, it’s a project where people are taking time for others, and for no ulterior reason then just help. And I’m truly impressed by that.

Then it’s a happy leap of faith. It proves that some people out there still believe that they are good people, good authors, that just need to be discovered. Call me a sinical european, but I find that unusual, yet truly wonderful.

So, go check out the website. It’s definitely worth a look.

The WoMentoring Project

“The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones” blog Tour

Today, I’m lucky enough to have Anna Mainwaring stopping on her blog tour here!!


Her debut novel, “The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones” is out. It’s a wonderfully funny acount of how it feels to be a teenager in modern Britain. I loved it from page one until the end. It’s a short enjoyable read that simply you cannot miss.

So here are the questions I was dying to ask Anna about her book. Continue reading

“The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones” is out today

“The Lives and Loves of jesobel Jones” is a witty, funny, sharp story of a teenage girl struggling with, well, everything a teenage girl has to struggle with. It’s written by a wonderful and up-coming author, Anna Mainwaring.

I won’t spoil the story. All you need to know is that you’ll laugh out loud, and then blush a second later realising you’d have behaved the same way as Jes.


It’s out today, and you can buy a copy here:

The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones





Short stories competitions and more

So here are a few short stories competition and openings for writers, I came upon when brousing the world wibe web – sorry, I just love saying that.


The Burning Eye Books is looking for submission!


The Frank O’ Connor has opened its international short story award.


The Royal Society of Literature is offering a grant for work in progress.


I’m not sure these apply to children’s short stories, but it’s always worth a look.


Now as I have blatently and ruthlessly stolen those from another fellow blogger, Paul Mc Veigh,  I suggest you go and visit his sites. It’s full of great reads and ideas. Thanks Paul


A Good concept

So I’ve sent my manuscript out to agents !!! Hay!!

And within 24 hours the responses came pouring down. No, no and no thank you. Not say “Hay” anymore.

But I’ve decided not to go the self-crushing route because that would be just too soul destroying and I’m not ready to be beaten down yet.

Instead I’ve decided to analyse those rejections.

Continue reading