Interview with Kim Hutson

Here I start a series of interview of authors from the Timelines Anthology, a collection of historical short stories for children, I have asked them a series a five questions.


Today I am interviewing Kim Hutson.

kim[©2013 to K.Hutson]

Tell us how you got involved in the Timelines project.

The opportunity arose through doing my masters course at MMU. Some of the tutors told us they were putting together an anthology of historical fiction stories for young adults and I thought that sounded great, so got involved as soon as possible! Initially I expressed my interest and then I went along to a workshop they held in the Special Collections department of the library where they house a fantastic collection of rare and historic children’s books. It was fascination to see the books and then we did a creative writing workshop based on some of the illustrations. It really got the ideas sparking. Continue reading

Timelines anthology

As part of my Master Degree at MMU, we have been offered the extraordinary chance to take part in a collection of short stories. The theme was history. So I took my chance and wrote a short story. And after drafts and redrafts and more rewriting my story was accepted.

The book will be launched in Manchester at the John Rylands Library on Deansgate on October 19th 2013 as part of the Manchester Literature Festival.

On a personal level I am so proud to be part of this adventure, especially as it is with fellow MA friends who just happen to be wonderful authors

And I can honestly say their stories rock:  With them you will take part in a Napoleon war, catch a glimps of an elephant in the night, be a chimney sweepers in the Dickens time, experience a witch hunt,  jump from a plane and take part in a riot in Leicester.  All that in one book.

The book will on sale from October 19th, so watch out for links to get your copy of this exciting collection of short stories.


there will never be a time when there is more time

“There will never be a time when there is more time.”

This quote by Livi Michael was an eye opener to me.

Anyone who has ever tried to put pen to paper knows how easy it is to find excuses not to actually sit down and start.

Let me give you an idea. Here you are, all ready to start this wonderful story you have been thinking about for so long. the paper is on the table, the pen in your hand and suddenly you realise that the flowers need watering or they will die. If you happen to be sitting in the kitchen you cannot stand the sight of you dirty oven door. And I could go on and on. It is not that we do not want to get started, it is just that we let life get in the way. Continue reading