“The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones” blog Tour

Today, I’m lucky enough to have Anna Mainwaring stopping on her blog tour here!!


Her debut novel, “The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones” is out. It’s a wonderfully funny acount of how it feels to be a teenager in modern Britain. I loved it from page one until the end. It’s a short enjoyable read that simply you cannot miss.

So here are the questions I was dying to ask Anna about her book. Continue reading

“The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones” is out today

“The Lives and Loves of jesobel Jones” is a witty, funny, sharp story of a teenage girl struggling with, well, everything a teenage girl has to struggle with. It’s written by a wonderful and up-coming author, Anna Mainwaring.

I won’t spoil the story. All you need to know is that you’ll laugh out loud, and then blush a second later realising you’d have behaved the same way as Jes.


It’s out today, and you can buy a copy here:

The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones