Don’t judge yourself

Don’t judge yourself!

This advice came for a wonderful author Sherry Aswhorth, who was my tutor at the time.

We were having a tutorial and I was telling her how I felt more and more worried about what I was writing, and how I believed it was not good enough.

– “Don’t judge yourself. Now is not the time to judge. It is a first draft. You will have plenty of time to judge your work whilst editing.”

That advice was so comforting, and liberating.

I was allowed to write. Just write.

So I have stuck to this advice. Of course, some times, when I am writing, this nasty little voice creeps up. It whispers “no, not good, no use, not good.” And I fight it. I squeeze it under my pen, and carry on. I just write, and try to let my heart, and my soul and the left part of my brain do the work. The judgmental part and the rational part of the brain can wait. And if I succeed, more often than not, my pen starts writing ideas I had not thought of, and my characters speak much more freely.

Of course, some days it is harder to shut that little voice down. Much harder.

But do try. Don’t judge yourself, see how this works for you and let me know.

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