FUREUR, is a play by Victor Haïm, a french author. It tells the story of a conductor’s last rehearsal of Ludwig van Beethoven pastoral symphony.Fureur_537[©2013 to M. Lebel]

I am talking it about it, because yesterday I went to the opening in Paris. And it was literally mind blowing. The text is crazy, funny, gritty, you laugh because there is nothing else to do, and the second later you want to cry.

Of course, this has probably much to do with the extraordinary performance of Benjamin Bollen, who is by himself on the stage for an hour and a half, though it does not feel that long when watching. The direction is superb and director Stéphanie Wurtz has captured the essence of the text and has carried her actor to transcend himself in order to become one with the text.

So if you are in Paris, you must go and see that play. It runs every monday at the Théâtre de l’Essaïon until March 17th.

And if you can’t go, read the text. It is a journey in its own.





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