Getting an agent

I am not going to give you tips on how to get an agent, because a lot of sites do that.

Instead I want to talk about an interview I came across as I was agent hunting.

It was an interview of Molly Friedrich, apparently one of the greatest agents New York has to offer.

You would think that such an agent not only would be swarmed by manuscripts, which she is, but also that she would get annoyed by it, but not in the least. Instead she talked about how she was always looking for new authors and ready to fight to represent the ones she believed in.

An agent ready to fight for a book and its author? What an interesting and appealing thought.

From my end, it always seemed that authors were doing the work, and that basically if an author landed an agent, any agent, he should count himself lucky.

The hard stone truth is probably closer to that than having three or more agents fighting for your book.

Yet I do want to hold on to that thought.


Just because it is a nice pleasant thought, one that makes me think that an agent out there can fall in love with my story, so much so, it will fight to represent me.

I know, extremely utopist.

But must I not be just that? After all I am dreaming enough to believe that one day I will have a book in print, that kids will read it and love it. The dream I believe starts there.

If you want to read the full interview, which is full of great tips and is very uplifting you can find it here.

And who know, after I have finished my manuscript I might just send it to Molly Friedrich, who knows.

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