How to pitch a novel

On Friday I have the chance to pitch my story to an editor. So I’ve looked at what exactly it means to pitch your story.

Well basically it means that you have to hook the person in a few sentences, intrigue them so they’ll want to read your full manuscript.

Easy? Not so much.

I’ve looked for help around the net and the best help I’ve found has come from a former MMU student.

So if you want my advice, go and have a look at Graeme Shimmin’s blog. His posts on the subjects are great, thorough and very precise.

Here is the post: writing an irresistible elevator pitch.

Of course, it doesn’t make writing a pitch easier, but it gives you a great canvas to work from.

And Graeme Shimmin has a great spy novel out, A kill in the Morning that you can buy here.


Try and let me know how you’re doing on your pitch.

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