interview with Kathryn Williams

The launch of the Crimelines Anthology is in three weeks.

Today, I’m talking to another one of its author,

Kathryn Williams

katryn's photo[©2014 K.Williams]

Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

I became involved because currently I am a second year student on the Creative Writing for Children Masters at Manchester Metropolitan University. When I received the email with the outline of the anthology, I jumped at the chance. Although it did take me quite a while to decide what crime I was going to write about.


Was it your first time at writing a short story to be published?

This time wasn’t the first time for me as I was involved in another anthology last year Timelines, published by MMU as well. This was my first short crime story though.


What is it you enjoy most when writing short stories?

It gives me a nice break from any other writing that I’m doing at the time. But not only that, it’s nice to have a story with a start, middle and end that’s ready to be published in a handful of months. For me, it’s an achievement that spurs me on. To know I can write a story and complete it. I also find that I have to be a lot more stricter with myself when writing because of the small word count. You find that you’re re-reading what you’ve written and deciding whether it’s actually needed or not. Every word counts more.


What are the main difficulties?

For this particular story, it was choosing a crime that could be solved within the word limit. And like I said above, you have to really consider what you’re writing and whether it’s needed or not. Proofreading is always a chore for me, so I always find that difficult. Also having anthologies that are themed prove to be a little challenging. They push you out of your comfort zone. But that can be the best bit, with it you can surprise yourself!


Tell us a little bit about what’s ahead of you as a writer.

I’ve nearly finished my second year of my Masters, with one project left to go. Then it’s full steam ahead with my first full length children’s novel! I’m currently writing a fantasy adventure for 7-9 year olds, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. This was far from what I was planning when I began my Masters but that’s the good thing when you start writing. When I get chance, I’m working on a picture book portfolio and attempting to have one picture book published.

Thank you Kathryn for this insightful interview.

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