Interview with Livi Michael

In our series of Timelines interview, today I am talking to one of the editor,

 Livi Michael


[©2013 to L. Michael]


Can you describe your work as editor of the Timelines Anthology,

My work as editor has mainly involved reading and editing and proof-reading all the stories several times; coming up with a title for the anthology and viewing the illustrations.


What do you like most about it?

What I have enjoyed most is seeing the range & variety of work produced, working with such talented writers, and treating them all professionally i.e. as if I was working in a major publishing firm.


What do you like least about it?

What I have enjoyed least is the pressure of time, trying to get all the different elements to come together.


How did you come up with the idea of doing historical short stories

The historical idea came up partly because we wanted some of the stories to be rooted in Manchester in order to appeal to certain sponsors eg the John Rylands library; but in future we will be looking at a range of different themes.


Do you think there is a market for children’s short story?

Children’s short story collections do exist, partly because they can be used by teachers, but in any case, we hope to create the market with our excellent collection!


Thank you Livi for answering those questions.


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