Interview with Paula Warrington

In the series of Interview with the authors of the Crimelines anthology,

today I’m talking to

Paula Warrington


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Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

I had previously had a short story included in the 2013 anthology Timelines; that was a great experience, so when I heard the editors were inviting submissions for a new collection I was keen to get involved.

Was it your first time at writing a short story to be published?

No. I had previously written an historical short story called ‘Thicker Than Blood’, set in Victorian Leicester. ‘The Great Crane Robbery’ was, though, my first attempt at writing for publication a short story set in the present day.


What is it you enjoy most when writing short stories?

It is satisfying to be able to sketch out a complete storyline in one sitting. With a novel-length piece it is sometimes difficult to see how the story will take shape, but with a short story one is able to see the outline at a glance.


What are the main difficulties?

Short stories call for economy. I find it difficult to pare back descriptive details, which I use to create atmosphere in longer works, and I have to remind myself not to introduce too many characters.


 Tell us a little bit about what’s ahead of you as a writer.

I am currently completing my MA dissertation: an historical novel for teens, set in the Anglo-Saxon period. Passing the MA is my immediate priority – but I would be very happy if my novel eventually found its way onto bookshelves!


Thank you Paula for this great interview.

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