MMU Graduation

So in July 2015, I’ve graduated from MMU.

I could now put MA after my name, which would be very posh but no doubt really silly as well.

Unfortunately I could not attend the ceremony, because, hum, well I was taking the sun down in the South West of France.

But here’s some wonderful pictures of my fellow MA friends, or the Scoobie gang as we call ourselves. Plus you can see mine and Anna’s heads poking behind!!


MMU graduation.2MMU graduation


Now if I write this post, beside the fact that I feel quite proud to have got an MA with Merit, is that I want to talk a little about my friends.

They are, no doubt, writers that you’ll need to look out for in the near future.

Anna Mainwaring, Matt Killeen, Kim Hutson, Katy Simmonds , Paula Warrington, Alison Padley-Woods, Lucinda Nettleton.

There. keep those names in mind because not only they’re a bunch of truly talented writers, some got agents, another one got a publishing company interested in her novel, they’ve all got short stories published, but they’re also lovely people. Which doesn’t hurt to say.


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