Interview with Alison Padley-Woods

This series of Crimelines interview are coming to an end, and today I’m talking to

Alison Padley-Woods

Alison Padley-Woods Photo

[©2014 A. Padley-Woods]

Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

As a student at MMU I have been really lucky to get involved with the new Crimelines anthology that is being launched at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival this week. I am studying for a Creative Writing MA and specialising in children’s fiction, so this has been a great project to take part in and I am looking forward to reading my story ‘Honest Al’ at the John Rylands Library on Saturday. It was a challenge to write a story with a theme that is very different to anything I’ve written before and it is really interesting to see what a diverse range of stories are in the book. My story is very much inspired by two events in my childhood that I have rolled into one – with of course some added extras. Some of my school friends at the time would definitely recognise some threads of the story. Continue reading

Timelines reading

On Sunday there was a relaunch of the Timelines anthology as part of the Manchester Children’s Books Festival.

I got the chance to read in the Great Hall of a wonderful Tudor House,  Orsdall Hall. A perfect setting for a historical story.

orsdall hall


And it was lovely to see all my MA friends and share that moment with them. Though of course, standing in front of a crowd is as always nerves racking! Lucky for us our great editors Iris Feindt and Livi Michael were there to introduce us.


Iris Feindt and Livi Michael

Here is a picture some of the Timelines authors:

timelines reading 1

From left to right: Matt Killeen, Iris Feindt, Alison Padley-Woods, Emma George, Kim Hutson, Livi Michael,  Marie Dentan, Kathryn Williams, Anna Mainwaring, Luci Nettleton.

Thanks all for a great moment.



Interview with Marie Basting

With only days before the Crimelines launch, today I’m talking to

Marie Basting


[©2014 M.Basting]

Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

As a student on the MA Creative Writing course at MMU I was invited to submit a piece for the anthology. I was unsure at first. I’d never written a short story before, had only ever written for much younger children and knew nothing about the crime genre. In the end, I figured what the heck and went for it. Yep, what the heck, it’s how I make most of my decisions. Continue reading

Interview with Jamie O’dowd

Today in the serie of interviews, I’m talking to

Jamie O’dowd

jamie o'dowd

[©2014 J.O’dowd]


Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

I’ve been involved in Crimelines as a student at MMU. The theme appealed to me straight away. I like to focus on the darker aspects of life in my writing and crime and darkness go hand in hand. As a first year masters student – as well as a full time teacher and father – I didn’t think I would have enough time to become involved in the project, but it has turned out to be a fantastic experience. Continue reading

Interview with Kay Ryder

in the series of Crimelines interviews, today I’m talking to

Kay Ryder

kay Ryder

[©2014 K.Ryder]


Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

I was invited to submit a story for consideration, as I’m a student on the MA Creative Writing for Children at MMU. I write YA fiction, so the chance to write a crime story for teenagers was exactly the kind of opportunity I was looking for. I wrote for my favourite genre, science-fiction, and I’m excited to be part of the launch and promotion too. Continue reading

Interview with Anna Mainwaring

Today I’m talking to another talented author of the Crimelines series,

Anna Mainwaring


[©2014 A.Mainwaring]

Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

I’m in the final year of the Manchester Metropolitan University’s MA in Creative Writing for Children. The third year students were offered the opportunity to write a story for ‘Crimelines’ fairly late on (we’d already had our turn with ‘Timelines’ the year before). Although the deadline was tight, I was keen to participate. When thinking about what to write about, I thought of a novel opening that I’d been working on several years ago and decided to develop that. Whilst I had the initial idea already, it needed quite a lot of work to change from an opening to a piece that made sense on its own. Continue reading

interview with Kathryn Williams

The launch of the Crimelines Anthology is in three weeks.

Today, I’m talking to another one of its author,

Kathryn Williams

katryn's photo[©2014 K.Williams]

Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

I became involved because currently I am a second year student on the Creative Writing for Children Masters at Manchester Metropolitan University. When I received the email with the outline of the anthology, I jumped at the chance. Although it did take me quite a while to decide what crime I was going to write about. Continue reading

interview with Marion Brown

What I love about all those interviews is that it shows there is not one way to go about writing. There is not one type of story. There’s only passion for storytelling and hard work.

So to continue, today I’m talking with

Marion Brown


[©2014 M.Brown]

Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

I started my MA in Creative Writing for Children at MMU in January this year. It was fantastic that one of the first emails I received was about the possibility to write a short story for Timelines. Although I was just at the beginning of my course I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. I am really looking forward to being at the Crimelines book launch at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival. Continue reading

Interview with Derek Lomax

Today, in the Crimelines series of interview, I’m talking to

Derek Lomax


[©2014 D.Lomax]


Tell us how you got involved in the Crimelines project?

I am a student of the MA Creative Writing course at MMU. As I live in Germany, I do the online variety (part-time). How I got involved with the Crimelines project is pretty much straight forward, really. We were told about the Anthology during the course and that we had a chance to participate. I sent in a story and… he presto, here we are. It’s been a pretty unspectacular way into such a spectacular event, to be honest. Maybe as an aspiring creative writer I should give it a tad more oomph? Continue reading