query letters

Today I shall be talking about query letters.

And OMG, what can I say about them?

Hard is the word that comes to my mind. Having to pitch your work in a sentence or a paragraph is truly puzzling to me. Yet I know I’ll have to do it.

So here are some ground rules I have found browsing the World Wide Web.

After you’ve done my research, I’ll know what type of query letters the agents want.

There needs to be:

1)    A sentence that is going to hook up the interest of the agent.

2)    Then a paragraph that tells a bit more in detail what is happening. This should not be done in the form of a synopsis. It should be exciting and teasing.

3)    Now this is where it varies I find. Some agents like to know what type of books yours looks like, some hate that. But all agents like to know the target audience and the length of the book.

4)    A short bio


Here is a link where you can find lots of query letters from books that have been actually published. Plus you get comment from the agents that took them on. I found that quite interesting.


Next step for me is to apply my research to my own work…. Easily said then done.

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