A Good concept

So I’ve sent my manuscript out to agents !!! Hay!!

And within 24 hours the responses came pouring down. No, no and no thank you. Not say “Hay” anymore.

But I’ve decided not to go the self-crushing route because that would be just too soul destroying and I’m not ready to be beaten down yet.

Instead I’ve decided to analyse those rejections.

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sending out your work to agents

Lots of blogs have talked about that. I’ve probably have read them all. And one thing that annoyed me was that they all said: “Do your research and most of all make sure you send your query exactly how a particular agency wants it.”

I thought: “Come on! How hard can that be!”

Well if you’re only sending out one query at a time, which you shouldn’t do because as I’ve read, life is too short, it’s pretty easy. But if you are sending many queries than it gets a little tricky. Continue reading

the hunt for the perfect agent

So here I am, hunting for the perfect agent. I’ve going over hundreds of blogs and sites, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. And the first advice I get from them is:

“Do your research”

Which is pretty basic. Don’t send my upper middle grade novel to a non-fiction agent. This seems pretty much common sense.

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on publishing and agents

So I carry on my journey into trying to get my novel published.

I’m a the point where I need to research for an agent, and know more about the publishing world as it is right now.

Here is what I discovered browsing the world-wide-web.

I came upon this article, that talks about the Bologna book fair festival. Of course, it’s a year old, and things can change drastically in a year, but it puts down on paper, what I’ve been hearing for a few months now. So, yes, upper- middle grade books are what, apparently publishers are looking for. I guess, any little square of hope is good to hold on to. I’m just going to have to wait until the end of this year’s fair to know for sure.

I also came across this article. It’s an agent, Danielle Smith,  that talks about what she’s looking for in a Middle grade book. Of course, it’s highly personal, but as she’s an agent that is currently working, her thoughts are always worth taking into acoount.

Read the articles and let me know what you think.