Interview with Stéphanie Wurtz

Today I am talking to actress and director ,

Stéphanie Wurtz


[©2013 S.Wurtz]

Tell us a little bit about your training and your work.

 I trained at the Ecole Claude Mathieu in Paris. Straight afterwards I met a wonderful director called Jean-Philippe Daguerre.

With this Director I performed in various plays, like an adaptation of the tales of the Arabian Nights. I still work with him and I play mainly classical plays by Molière.

I started as a director by pure chance really. François Lis, an actor I had met on the Tales of the Arabian Nights, was doing an adaptation for theatre in education of a play. He was doing a run and asked me to come round and tell them what I thought about it. I gave them some advice and as they thought I was quite good they decided to keep me as director. So I moved into this position rather smoothly. I had always loved being “the outside eye” as we would call it at Claude Mathieu, that is the one who helps other actors make the best of the scene they have to work on, but I had never thought I had the makings of a director. François proved me wrong. And I have been lucky that actors come to me  and ask me to direct them.

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Interview with Nathalie Meyer

Today, I am talking to a multi talented actress about work, clown and language,

Nathalie Meyer,

[©2013 N.Meyer]


Tell us a little bit about your training and your work

I have trained at the Claude Mathieu drama school  in Paris. I worked as an actress for a few years. Then I felt I lacked in something. I thought it was something physical. So I went to study at  Jacques Lecoq school in Paris. After one year I went to London at LISPA to finish my training. I stayed four years in England, and worked as an actress over there. I worked in devising theatre and also performed in more classical plays.

Then I moved to Spain to follow the man I love.

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