Interview with Stéphane Dauch

In the series of interview, today I’m talking to a generous actor,

Stéphane Dauch

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Tell us a little bit about your training,

I’ve always wanted to become an actor. I started when I was fourteen in amateur plays. It’s addictive. Once you’ve set foot you can’t get out. It’s like quick sand. My first role was Mr. Colin in Georges Dandin by Molière, a really small part, but I didn’t care, I had lots of stage presence and I loved it.

Then I joined an amateur company called La Rigole, directed by Jean-Jacques Bruni. This man’s had a real impact on me.

We were all teenager in his company, but he believed that this was not an excuse for slacking off. He was demanding with us, but in a good way. There, I learned to be truly rigorous with my work. And I believe his teaching worked well because at least two third of the people that were in that small amateur company became professional in the business, whether actors or directors.

At 23, I got into the ERAC, the Regional Drama School in Cannes. It was a wonderful training. Through that school I met lots of professionals and was faced with numerous dramatic approaches. I got to experiments with so many theatrical forms so that afterwards, I just had to choose which one suited me best. What I liked about that training is that, unlike a regular Conservatory where you only have one teacher and then people can see where you come from, there I left rich with experiences but being who I am with my qualities and defects. Continue reading