Interview with François Lis

Today I am talking about acting, creating a company, theatre and education with actor

François Lis

[©2013 F. Lis]


Tell us about your training and your profession:

I have always wanted to act, ever since I performed in a play in high school. After my A levels I auditioned for a state drama school. I did not get in.

As I needed to work, I did every possible odd jobs that were on offer, still hoping to be able to become an actor. One day I met an old friend from high school. He was studying at the Michel Grandval drama school. I followed him and trained there for two years.

After graduating I did a show with Philippe Benard in a tiny theatre in Paris. Over some years, we put up with Philippe various plays. It did not pay the rent but was enabling us to show our talents. We did that for about four years.

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