Don’t judge yourself

Don’t judge yourself!

This advice came for a wonderful author Sherry Aswhorth, who was my tutor at the time.

We were having a tutorial and I was telling her how I felt more and more worried about what I was writing, and how I believed it was not good enough.

– “Don’t judge yourself. Now is not the time to judge. It is a first draft. You will have plenty of time to judge your work whilst editing.”

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there will never be a time when there is more time

“There will never be a time when there is more time.”

This quote by Livi Michael was an eye opener to me.

Anyone who has ever tried to put pen to paper knows how easy it is to find excuses not to actually sit down and start.

Let me give you an idea. Here you are, all ready to start this wonderful story you have been thinking about for so long. the paper is on the table, the pen in your hand and suddenly you realise that the flowers need watering or they will die. If you happen to be sitting in the kitchen you cannot stand the sight of you dirty oven door. And I could go on and on. It is not that we do not want to get started, it is just that we let life get in the way. Continue reading