the hunt for the perfect agent

So here I am, hunting for the perfect agent. I’ve going over hundreds of blogs and sites, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. And the first advice I get from them is:

“Do your research”

Which is pretty basic. Don’t send my upper middle grade novel to a non-fiction agent. This seems pretty much common sense.

So I’ve been going over literary agencies sites, and what the agents are looking for. And I’m at the point where I’m getting really despondent because I feel no agent will ever want to take me on. Not because my book isn’t good – I hope it is and I’m working hard at it- but because it doesn’t fit in any boxes.

It’s not sci-fi, thriller, or historical. Is it with a strong voice? I don’t know. Is it gripping? How do I know? I love my characters but is that enough for someone else to be gripped by what happens to them? Does it address strong issues? No. I’m just writing about a girl who wants to dance. No life threatening cut throat battles against pirates or wizard dogs.

So if you’re writing a historical, sci-fi, or gritty novel, get in touch. I’ll probably have a lot of agents to recommend you.

And on the other hand, if you have one for an up beat, feel good, want to dance in your bedroom type of book, I’d be very happy.

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