there will never be a time when there is more time

“There will never be a time when there is more time.”

This quote by Livi Michael was an eye opener to me.

Anyone who has ever tried to put pen to paper knows how easy it is to find excuses not to actually sit down and start.

Let me give you an idea. Here you are, all ready to start this wonderful story you have been thinking about for so long. the paper is on the table, the pen in your hand and suddenly you realise that the flowers need watering or they will die. If you happen to be sitting in the kitchen you cannot stand the sight of you dirty oven door. And I could go on and on. It is not that we do not want to get started, it is just that we let life get in the way.

And instead of starting to write, we promise ourselves that “as soon as” this is done we will have enough time to properly start writing. We persuade ourselves that it bill be easier to write when we have more time. That is when we have hours and hours or days ahead of us where we will only be able to devote ourselves and time to our writing.

Well, unless you are a top writer who is been commissioned with a three figures check to write a new book, there is a hard truth to be faced:

This is never going to happen.

There will never be a time when you are free of daily chores, or clean the house, or take care of the children.

When I heard Livi saying that on a podcast, it was a revelation to me. I realised I had been postponing to write. I was waiting for that perfect moment when I would have a long stretch of time ahead of me to be able to happily and comfortly concentrate on my writing without the world barging in.

So I accepted the fact that I would never have more time than I did now. And I started writing.

And here is my tip. Accept the fact that you will never have time to write. And find a way to make time. It does not have to be hours. You do’nt have to write two chapters in a strech. Find what you can do and stick to it.

For me it is two pages, around 500 words a day. It is not much, but it is as much as my life presently allows me to do. And as long as I can stick to that I am happy.

See how that works for you and let me know.

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